Peggy’s Cove

IMG_5926 copy

I just added this gem to the shop. I love that this isn’t the traditional image of Peggy’s Cove. It’s a beautiful place, but so many of the photos people take end up looking like the kinds of postcard, tourist images you would expect. Blue sky, blue ocean, grey rocks, bright red lighthouse roof…these kinds of pictures are beautiful, but I always want to look at tourist spots slightly differently, find novelty in things people have seen countless times. I actually used to love visiting Peggy’s Cove in the off season. I would drive out, wander the rocks until I was so cold I couldn’t stand it, and then have a lobster roll at the restaurant. This particular image comes from a Boxing Day trip I took with my parents and brother the year they came to spend Christmas with me in Halifax. It was cold, but so worth it.

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