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The Clasp by Sloane Crosley. I’ve already established on this blog that I adore Sloane Crosley’s writing, so it is no surprise that I was thrilled about her debut novel. Sadly, between picking it up and now, life intervened and it sat unopened on my to-read stack of books. I finally pulled it out over my recent trip to Alberta, and I loved every word. She has a particular talent for creating characters who feel real, who are both likeable and loathsome (often at the same time). The dialogue is alternately smart, witty, funny, and touching. And above all, it is believable. She is singularly skilled at capturing the bizarre stage of life



House, M.D. Not that long ago I stated that I had “little interest in medical shows“. And, honestly, watching this show was probably a bad idea for someone with slight hypochondriacal tendencies. However, this show is one of the best episodic series to grace screens recently, so the slight increase in health-related paranoia was totally worth it.



“Pot Kettle Black” by Tilly and the Wall. For obvious reasons (aka because it is amazing and good for every situation).


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