This is a beauty of dissonance…

Rocks of Peggys Cove cropped bw watermark

Spume and Blown Windrift watermark

This is a beauty
of dissonance,
this resonance,
of stony strand

— from “The Lonely Land” by A.J.M. Smith


If you know me at all, whether in person or online, then you probably know that my heart lies with rocky coastlines along the Atlantic Ocean (evidence: here, herehere, here, and here). I’ve also talked before about how when I was living in Halifax I would often drive out to Peggy’s Cove in the off season in search of new ways to look at what is a pretty iconic tourist destination. These two very different images come from one such trip on a very windy April day. It was cold, the sky was dramatic, the waves were even more dramatic. I also love that these two images capture very specific elements of what makes up the Peggy’s Cove experience. I think that dissonance is part of the appeal of most East Coast locations for me; I like that you can turn your head and experience something completely different. I like that the elements can be seen individually or in conversation with one another. I like that you can get vastly different images when standing in exactly the same spot depending on the time of year or how you aim your camera lens. The places feel familiar but they also always feel novel.

Images above: “Peggy’s Cove (No Ocean)” and “Blown Spume and Windrift,” both now available in the shop.

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