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    The thing is, the longer I spend here — 3.5 years of the PhD and counting — the longer I spend here the more I think that I would rather be the one creating the things than the one analyzing the things. *** Setting: undergraduate class My favourite professor says, “Trying too hard to find a hidden meaning in a poem is like plucking the wings off a butterfly.” The image never leaves me. Almost 7 years later I wonder about how many butterflies I have killed and what all the death was for. *** The thing is, the longer I spend here — 3.5 years of the PhD and…

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    Reading… Theory. Endless amounts of theory. But also this: Stephanie Bolster’s “Long Exposure“. I’m writing about it for the dissertation, which is why I am re-reading it now as I’m (hopelessly, inchingly, painfully) attempting to finish the proposal. But it’s good. It’s one of the texts in my dissertation that I’m almost scared to write about because I so don’t want to destroy it.   Watching… Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Obviously.   Listening… Hamilton Mixtape. Hamilton. Mixtape. All day every day. Especially Sia’s version of “Satisfied” because DAMN it is good.