This is a beauty of dissonance…

Rocks of Peggys Cove cropped bw watermark

Spume and Blown Windrift watermark

This is a beauty
of dissonance,
this resonance,
of stony strand

— from “The Lonely Land” by A.J.M. Smith


If you know me at all, whether in person or online, then you probably know that my heart lies with rocky coastlines along the Atlantic Ocean (evidence: here, herehere, here, and here). I’ve also talked before about how when I was living in Halifax I would often drive out to Peggy’s Cove in the off season in search of new ways to look at what is a pretty iconic tourist destination. These two very different images come from one such trip on a very windy April day. It was cold, the sky was dramatic, the waves were even more dramatic. I also love that these two images capture very specific elements of what makes up the Peggy’s Cove experience. I think that dissonance is part of the appeal of most East Coast locations for me; I like that you can turn your head and experience something completely different. I like that the elements can be seen individually or in conversation with one another. I like that you can get vastly different images when standing in exactly the same spot depending on the time of year or how you aim your camera lens. The places feel familiar but they also always feel novel.

Images above: “Peggy’s Cove (No Ocean)” and “Blown Spume and Windrift,” both now available in the shop.

The Ocean Calls

The Ocean Calls (Summer) watermark

Ocean Calls Spring watermark

The ocean calls to me all year long. Honestly. I grew up landlocked, so I’m not sure where the deep-seated desire to be near the ocean came from, but it is definitely there. I miss proximity to the ocean on a daily basis and get a substantial thrill each time I get near a large body of water. These are two photos of what will hopefully be a four photo series.

Top: “The Ocean Calls (Summer)” taken on the boardwalk at West Point Lighthouse on PEI

Bottom: “The Ocean Calls (Spring)” taken at Peggy’s Cove, NS

Both available as prints and more in the shop now.

In the Moment

Birds on a Wire GS Parlimentary Sunset Quelle Heure compressed Footbridge compressed Its a Jungle compressed Lancet compressed

Once upon a time I was the type of person who carried a dslr with her almost all of the time. Once upon a time I was also the type of person who intentionally went on walks just to take photos. Then two things happened. First, I moved to Ontario. I don’t know what exactly it was about this move that made me put my camera away more and more often, but whatever the reason, Ontario doesn’t inspire me to take photo walks nearly as much as Nova Scotia. Second, I got an iPhone. My previous Android phone definitely had a camera, but it wasn’t as good as the one on the iPhone, and so when I switched phones I started using the phone as my primary camera more and more often.

Phones also weigh a lot less than cameras.

One of the upshots of this is that when a perfect photo moment strikes, usually when the light is just right, I almost always have immediate access to a means for capturing it. Do I sometimes wish I had an actual camera with me? Yes. Does this stop me from busting out my phone? No. These photos inevitably end up on Instagram, occasionally Facebook. I’ve been hesitant to do anything else with them. But while the majority of my Instagram shots are pretty typical social media fodder, probably even subpar by most standards, occasionally there is one of these perfect moment photos that I am actually really proud of. So, here we are, I’ve started uploading my favourite phone photographs to the shop. These six are where I started.


Photos: “Birds on a Wire”, “The Sun Sets on Parliament”, “Quelle Heure Est-Il?”, “The Footbridge”, “It’s a Jungle Out There”, “Lancet”

Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour compressed

I think a lot about the concept of safety. Not “look both ways before you cross the street” safety. Not “learn your WHIMIS symbols” safety. Not “double check you turned off your straightener” safety. But some sort of existential, opposite of precarity, sense of safety.

Okay, I think about the straightener one all of the time too.

For some reason fog has always made me feel safe.

All that to say, this image is now up in the print shop. Maybe you feel the same way about fog and want some of it in your home at all times. Maybe you have a friend who desperately misses the East Coast. Maybe you just think it’s pretty. Whatever your reason, I encourage you to consider getting a copy for yourself or a loved one.

Peggy’s Cove

IMG_5926 copy

I just added this gem to the shop. I love that this isn’t the traditional image of Peggy’s Cove. It’s a beautiful place, but so many of the photos people take end up looking like the kinds of postcard, tourist images you would expect. Blue sky, blue ocean, grey rocks, bright red lighthouse roof…these kinds of pictures are beautiful, but I always want to look at tourist spots slightly differently, find novelty in things people have seen countless times. I actually used to love visiting Peggy’s Cove in the off season. I would drive out, wander the rocks until I was so cold I couldn’t stand it, and then have a lobster roll at the restaurant. This particular image comes from a Boxing Day trip I took with my parents and brother the year they came to spend Christmas with me in Halifax. It was cold, but so worth it.

OMG (Oh My Greenwich)

IMG_6849 copy compressed

Still beyond excited about my upcoming trip to London. We’ll be staying with friends in Greenwich, which is such a lovely part of the city. In my anticipation, I keep adding photos from our last trip out there to my shop. So these two are now available in a variety of print sizes here. Above is a view of the Royal Naval Academy from the walkway at the Queen’s House, and below is the rising on the Cutty Sark.

IMG_6833 copy compressed

London Calling

IMG_7002 copy compressed

Another round of uploads to the shop this week. You can find all of the photos in this post for sale as prints by clicking here or through the “Shop” tab at the top of the page.

I’m headed back to London in about three weeks, and I am incredibly excited about the trip. That city truly has my heart in a way that very few places do. Since I can’t transport myself there immediately, I am contenting myself by stealing a few minutes here and there to edit some photos from my last trip and get them up in the shop.

IMG_6865 copy compressed

IMG_6977 copy 2 compressed

Fogged In/Wrong Way


I’ve added a few more images to my print shop, including 8×10 prints of this image. It is many years old. Pre-dslr. I think I was on my second digital camera. You know, when it was exciting to have 3 megapixels and a 1.5″ screen. But while I love fog, I am rarely successful at photographing it. This image though, gets it. Not just visually, but something about the weight and density, something about the closeness and dampness.

Wisteria, Gloucester Circle

Wisteria, Gloucester Circle

A little over a month ago, I finally got up the nerve to start selling some of my photography prints online through Society6. This was a long time coming for me, so thank you to those who have patiently listened to me fret about how, when, and if I should do this. If you are interested, you can purchase prints of the image above, and a few others here. You can always find the shop by clicking the “Shop” tab in the menu as well. I’ll keep updating the shop as I work on editing images, so check back often!

This particular image is one of my favourite shots from a trip to London in 2014. We stayed with some friends in Greenwich, and this beautiful little corner wasn’t too far away. I adore wisteria, and I love the wall and street sign here. Our whole trip was rather grey and rainy (what can you expect from London in April?). As a result, the images from that trip feel quintessentially British and timeless. I feel like this shot could have been taken just as easily in 1970 as in 2014.