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Reading Watching Listening

Like the weekly reading series I introduced on Wednesday, this is another returning personal favourite series. Part recommendation, part record for myself.


I’ve started some reading for a contract research position at a museum, so just yesterday I re-read Margaret Atwood’s “The Age of Lead” from¬†Wilderness Tips. It’s a surprisingly touching story¬†from a collection that I would argue is some of Atwood’s best writing.


I started re-watching One Tree Hill over the Christmas break. Sometimes a girl just needs a good dose of teen-oriented soap opera-esque drama supported by a kick ass soundtrack and the prodigious use of “meaningful” quotations. I’ve also been actively trying to convince myself that the weird dye-job and cut I got in December isn’t actually weird, it’s just very Peyton.


I have a continuing obsession with “S.O.B” by Nathaniel Hawthorne & The Night Sweats.

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