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Required reading. Last time I kept a blog with any sort of regularity, I ran a series like this. It was one of my favourite things to put together each week, so I’m bringing it back. A friend of mine shared this glorious piece from the ever on point The Toast with me on Facebook a while back. I read it an immediately missed the person who shared it with me, amazed at just how well he seems to know me. I also immediately wondered how the author had managed to steal my thoughts. This is Jody Mace’s “Considering a Possible Human Head”.


Maybe this has happened to you.

You take the sheets out of the dryer and there’s something wadded up inside a big sheet. The big sheet has twisted around it, creating a large, round pocket filled with whatever is wadded up.

As you start to untwist the sheet you think, “What if this is a human head?”

Then you stop untwisting the sheet because, although chances are it is not a human head, if it is, you have a whole lot of figuring out to do.


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