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Nothing worth mentioning. I’m in one of those dry spells in enjoyable reading that happen with alarming regularity in grad school.



Mozart in the Jungle. Joy the Baker did an awesome post about shows to binge watch. Seriously, read it here. I’m pretty sure Joy and I would be fabulous friends. Her comments on the sacredness of comfy-clothes-binge-watching-cat-snuggling nights, her cheering this aspect of adulthood, and her comments on the perfection of Olivia Pope’s outerwear all resonate SO STRONGLY with me. Not only was the post a delight but so were the comments. One show that routinely popped up in the comments was Mozart in the Jungle. It had intrigued me when I spotted it on Shomi. Bernadette Peters is so fabulous. Plus it’s about the New York Symphony. Strong premise. The comments put it over the top for me, so I started watching it, and I am so so so glad I did.



This particular song gets in my head on a regular basis. As a result it makes a regular appearance on my shower song soundtrack. I love the whole soundtrack for If/Then (shocker, what with Idina Menzel and Anthony Rapp both starring), but I particularly love this track. There is something comforting in thinking that this is neither the best nor worst version of my life.


Moving Portraits

Victoria Will takes amazing portraits. This year at Sundance, she teamed up with Esquire to create mesmerizing moving portraits of celebrities, including John Krasinski, Nick Jonas, Ewan McGregor, Riley Keough, Brooklyn Decker, Jenny Slate, Chad Michael Murray, and Bryce Dallas Howard. And that’s just naming a few. I desperately want to know how they were created! You can check out all of the images here, and I strongly recommend that you do!

Read This

Required Reading. I have a strange habit of imagining the pitch meetings for various films and television shows. Particularly the really bad ones. What could possibly have been said to convince someone that it was a good idea to make some of the bizarre things out there? What was said in the pitch meeting for Naked and Afraid, for instance? Or Sharknado? Most recently a friend and I were imagining the pitch meetings for music videos. Equally entertaining to imagine are the pitch meetings for shows that have a truly odd premise and yet somehow just work. This imagined pitch for Wishbone from Abbey Fenbert is amazing and hilarious.

VISIONARY: So there’s this dog.

PBS SUITS: We’re listening.

VISIONARY: And he loves books.

[nodding, nodding]

VISIONARY: He knows all about classic books.

SUIT #1: Adorable.

SUIT #2: Like a cartoon dog?

VISIONARY: No, no. A live Jack Russell Terrier.


VISIONARY: He belongs to a boy named Joe.

SUIT #1: Nice.

SUIT #3: And Joe reads him the books?

VISIONARY: No, Joe couldn’t care less about books.

SUIT #3: Oh. Okay.

VISIONARY: Joe and his friends’ day-to-day scrapes resemble the plotlines of great novels, and Wishbone like, picks up on it.

SUIT #2: Wishbone?


SUIT #2: Oh.

SUIT #3: The name seems like more of a turkey thing…?

SUIT #1: Should we name him something literary? Something like Dogstoyev-

VISIONARY: No. His name is Wishbone. Unlike his human companion, Wishbone is a great lover of books. When Joe’s life reminds him of a masterpiece, as it so often does, our canine Virgil guides the audience on a journey into that book.

SUIT #3: So the dog can talk.

VISIONARY: Nope. Joe and his friends and Joe’s mom just think he’s a regular dog.

SUIT #2: …Joe’s dad?

VISIONARY: Ellen is a single mom. She’s a widow. This is a story about the limitless ecstasies of the imagination, but we want to respect the complex lives of our young viewers, so sometimes things are very real.